January 2015 Forecast

XX JudgementVIII Strength (R)2 of Cups (R)

Happy New Year!  Phew, I have to say I am a bit relieved that 2014 is finally over.  7 Years tend to be a trying time for me, I’m already in my head enough as it is so the heavy introspection can feel like overkill after a while!  I hope you all had a fabulous 2014 and are ready for 2015!

For starters, 2015 is an 8 year.  8 is all about Karma, reaping what you’ve sown, as well as business/finance.  This is a “what goes around comes around” season, so if you’ve been working hard in the previous 7 years you will begin to see the fruits of your labor ripen!  If you found yourself slacking, cutting corners or over-looking cracks in the foundation, however, these flaws will come to light and beg your attention.  There is always a balance in life so even if you’ve been working hard you’ll still be presented with some of these challenges.  Depending on your Pinnacle Number your 9 year cycle may have had a primary focus of family/home, relationships, business affairs, letting go, self-reflection, or new beginnings.  This Karmic 8 will help you smooth things out as you prepare to settle the score in 2016.

January is the first month of any year (in the Western calendar) and so with it always brings the new energy of “1”.  This is our fresh start, our new beginning, our proverbial clean slate. Awfully fitting with New Year’s Day being the 1st, as well.  This is the time we plant our seeds, create our outline, draw up our plans for the new year (or few years).  Being that this is an 8 year, our focus ought to lie in appreciating what bounty we have. January 2015 is a 9 month:  a time of letting go, transformation, and perhaps even loss.  Often times this can be a positive time of purging the things we don’t need anymore in order to make room for the new.  Sometimes this will manifest in the form of a great loss (a loved one, a home, or even a career) and we are left looking to pick up the pieces or fill the hole in our heart/life.  I know that time can only lessen the pain of such loss, and we may be forever changed by it, but hopefully we can make use of this by appreciating the things/time/people we do have.  Sometimes this is the very catalyst which will catapult you into new territory.  Yes, this year starts off with a bang as we begin to move away from the energies of personal transformation from 2014.

I pulled cards for the month from Zach Wong’s Revelations Tarot:  XX Judgement, VIII Strength (R), Two of Cups (R)

Reversed cards can represent the opposite energies of a card or, rather, a weakened influence as the energies of the card are entering or leaving.

2014 was our deeply introspective year in which there were many “aha” moments.  Sometimes being stuck in the past is a very necessary evil as we give ourselves time to process what happened in order to heal, grow, and ultimately, move on.  Over the next couple of months as we transition into the energy of the new year we can make a swift break from recent history and move towards the next chapter.  Take care of yourself and use this time to cleanse the palate: purge that which is no longer useful or necessary or helpful, whether it is thought patterns, holding on to material objects or toxic people.  Recently you may have become painfully aware of changes that need to be made in your life in order to be true to yourself and your calling.  You can finally begin to move forward.  In fact, you will spend the next two years clearing the way for the new path.  It’s time to reap the bounty (the good and the bad) and tend the soil.

After the excitement of the new year settles, you may start to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the journey before you.  You may feel as though you have run out of steam and that you simply have bitten off more than you can chew.  Take some time to provide some loving self-care, settle and refocus.  Try writing it out.  Where have you been?  What has taken place over the recent years to lead you where you are now?  What are you passionate about and how can you make it happen?  What are your goals as you move forward?  Who has helped you along the way?  Who have you lost?  What have you lost?  And how can you begin to move forward again?  Be kind to yourself.

As the month moves on it may be easy to fall into negative patterns which can put strain on relationships.  Counteract this by being aware of the head-space you are in.  If you feel you can’t communicate your feelings well right now, try writing them out.  It’s important to let your loved ones know where you are emotionally and what your needs may be, before you get in too deep and dwell so long that it comes out in anger or resentment.

For those who have been questioning their relationship, now may be the “make or break” time.  Flaws will become undeniably apparent and it may be time to walk away for good.

If you are in a committed relationship and things begin to feel “off” or distant, be aware that your partner is likely in a place of introspection and transition, too.  Talk to them from a place of empathy rather than insecurity, and know that this time will be short-lived.

If you are single, this period is not the right time to begin dating as you still have some personal things to work through, but know that your time is coming!

All-in-all know that this is a month of transition, and it is clear that your life looks nothing like it did last January.  You have come so far, and you have the opportunity to take it so much further!

October 2013 Numerology

queenwands I have had a late start getting this month’s forecast going, I have had all sorts of Mercury Rx action going on and we’re not even out of the “shadow period” yet!  I believe part of it is because Mercury is my ruling planet, and the other part is due to so much other planetary movement.  I started the month off with a head cold (my Achilles heal in writing), followed by check fraud committed in my name, and then the usual stressors/insecurities rearing their ugly heads.

One of the cards pulled for this 1/7 month was that of the Queen of Wands.  This is a potent woman who is fiercely creative, independent and fiery.  She is driven and committed, passionate and loving.  She can (and often does) step on toes on her way to the goal line.  On the flip side, unchanneled energy can become self-destructive and implosive.  She can become insecure, paranoid, and clumsy.

All of these descriptions fit with the different aspects of this month.  We have this raw creative energy of the ONE, especially when it is coupled with the spiritually charged and analytical SEVEN.  We have a burst of excitement, the joy of passion, and then the sugar-high induced crash.  Things get in the way, we find ourselves misunderstood, sleep-deprived, and needy.  We need our ego-stroked but fail to put out a product we deem worthy of compliment.  Mostly, the problem is from within, our own perfectionistic tendencies.

These tendencies (this month) are highlighted by, and stem from, so much activity with Aries/Virgo (being that their planets essentially swap places).  We have a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries on Friday October 18th, Mercury moves Retrograde station in Aries on October 21st in Scorpio, right about the time the Sun moves into Scorpio.  And, with Pluto now Direct (in Capricorn) and Mars in Virgo, things are back-asswards and our deepest desires/secrets/fears begin to surface.  See, when Pluto moved Retrograde six months ago (combined with 3 Mercury Rx’s in water signs this year) secrets started to come out.  We are faced with some of our most difficult to handle/accept scenarios and confronted with our worst fears.  We can come out on top, should we choose to follow the current and sort out these harsh realities and emotional upheaval.  With Saturn dipping it’s toes in Scorpio–and a Universal 7 year on its way–it is clear that we need to take a good, hard look at our selves, our lives, and our relationships and sort out what is what: the healthy from the unhealthy, the fraudulent from the sincere, and confront our greatest fear of all, DEATH.  Death, in all its forms, including CHANGE in general.

Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion, yes, but also the Eagle and the Phoenix.  It is the cycle of the sinner, the cognizant, and the reborn.  It is written very well here.  This represents the growth we can achieve in the next two years.  Especially those who are going through their Saturn Return!  (Those who are currently 28, +/- 1 year, or 58 +/- 1 year.)

This month begins our potent transformational journey through 2014 (and even through 2016) as we truly delve deeply into the lessons and gifts from the past 7 years.  We now have the ability to soar as the Eagle, with clear vision of where we have been, where we are currently, and where we want to be.  By 2016 we will be able to shed our skin through the burning of the Phoenix and arise with a new concept of “self”.


Queen of Wands Tarot Image ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

September 2013 Numerology


Phew!  What a crazy, mixed up year this has been!  Well, it’s almost over and as we enter September we begin the transition into the new year’s energies.  There is a “cusp” period (as with Astrology) where the 6 energy of 2013 blends with the 7 energy of 2014.  This period can be felt between September and March.

September is our 9th month which lends it the energy of endings, letting go, moving on.  When we combine this with the 6 energy of the month I feel that we are all seeking a balance within our selves, our lives, work, and relationships (whichever area you are currently working on).  In a healthy state, 6 represents balance, love marriage, family (children), and all things beautiful, artistic, and nurturing.  This month has a strong influence from the 2 of Swords I pulled, so it says that rather than feeling balanced and aligned we end up feeling more at a stalemate.

In order to release these “stuck” energies, we must get to the root of the issue, and reconnect with your self.  We have to move.  We have to release. We have to process. Sometimes this isn’t so much about sitting down and thinking about things, or talking about it, we just have to let it work itself out.  When I was younger my mom would have me clean.  It was always completely frustrating for me, of course, because at the time it felt like it was just adding more stress, more fuel for the fire.  Of course, the point she was trying to get across was, “Get yourself moving.  Focus on something else and let your body sort through the emotions.”.  Find what grounds you.  Find a distraction.  Find a release.

For some, this will be found in home improvement, others in yoga or running, some in dancing or creating.  It’s not about staring a t the computer, checking your facebook, or watching a marathon of your favorite show.  That is being disconnected.  I don’t want you to disconnect or forget, I want you to find a way to allow the concerns you have the time they need to work themselves out.  It’s like taking time to “sleep on it”.  And when the time is right, make your move!  In the meantime, reconcile with something you love to do (or catch up on something you need to do) and let it all come together.

The energies from August were very intense, mostly manifesting in nervous tension and anxiety.  It’s like a storm is about to hit: the air is abuzz with electricity and smells of lightening, and even your hair is standing on end.

Well, what can I say about this September?  I’m having a difficult time tying down exactly what to mention here, except that everyone will feel a little conflicted and like you are between a rock and a hard place–the decision is not yours to make right now, you have yet to be dealt all of your cards.  I think that’s exactly what it is for the next year, we won’t have all of the information or all of the power in any given situation, so we will play the waiting game.  7 energy is very much about taking a step back to assess your situation, delving deep into where you have been and where you hope to be.  7 is a wonderful time for school (learning, teaching, studying, research), spiritual development, and regrouping.  It’s not often a very financially abundant time, but we find ourselves having just what we need to get by with what we need rather than what we want (which offers us this opportunity for soul searching without distraction).

In a nutshell:  reconnect with something that makes you happy, or find a new outlet.  Let things sort themselves out, trust that you will recognize a true opportunity when it arises.  Let go.  Breathe.   Now is the time to begin releasing the past, tying up loose ends, and freeing up space to focus on your own personal well being.  If your cup is empty (depleted) you will have nothing left to give, and if it is overflowing there is no room for anything new.  Seek balance.

Two of Swords Tarot Image ©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

August 2013 Numerology

At long last, I have some insight and clarity I am able to put out to the world.  It’s good to be back!


August 2013 is the eighth (8) month in a Universal six (6) year which makes it a 5 overall.  Wow, after this introspective, slow-moving 7/4 month complete with Mercury Retrograde, this is our wake-up call!  If you’ve been stuck in your mind, or stuck in a rut, this will be sure to jolt you out of it!  Back to business here…much like me in this moment.

The fog of Mercury Retrograde is lifting and now we start the month of August off in the shadow period for another week or so.  The first card I drew for the month is 6 of Cups, which couldn’t be more fitting along with this Rx in watery Cancer as the Sun moves from Cancer to Leo at the same time Mercury is.  We have I believe six planets in water signs right now, keeping us in a place of emotional contemplation.  The 7/4 of last month gave us a chance to sort out and mull over the past again.  Let’s give it a glance, take what we can from it, and let it go again.  Sometimes it serves us well to reconnect with where we’ve come from in order to give us another boost of inspiration to move forward towards where we want to be.  Use it to fuel your fire!  

So, we’ll be stepping into some fiery signs and reaping what we’ve sown from this year as a whole.  The eighth month always brings about the harvest for the year, and after the seventh month of reflection, none of it should be surprising.  One saying I’ve taken up in the last year is, “Karma is only a bitch if you are.”.  If you’ve been working hard to make the changes/progress you’ve needed to make, all should become clear in this next month.  If you’ve been slacking, overspending, or making poor decisions, well, now is time to clean up the mess, pinch the pennies, and deal with consequences.  This suits the second card I drew, the 3 of Pentacles, well.  A time of recognition for a job well done,  lay down your new job description, or head back to school (theoretical or actual) in order to gain more information to further yourself in the future.  

Now, we’ve been talking mostly 8 influence, but it also is a 5 month since it is an August in a 6 year (8+6=14, 1+4=5).  5 is all about change, transformation, surprises and the unexpected.  It can be exciting and blessed, or it can be chaotic and unpredictable, either way, with an 8/5 combination your life or your perspective on life will change this month.

I believe this coming month will represent a change in our goals, our aspirations, and it will be a major catalyst gearing us up for our transition into the next year’s energies.  This is the last month in the peak of the year before we reach our cusp period between September 2013 and March 2014.  With 2014 being a Universal 7 year we are all past due for some fresh perspective.  7 is about reflection, contemplation, introspection, spiritual connection and intellectual pursuits.  Don’t be surprised if you suddenly are offered the chance (whether through a job or a job loss) to go back to school!  This fall and winter will prepare us for a journey within our selves to understand where we’ve been and how we got here, what we want and how to attain it.  It is not a period of action, but this coming month will launch us in the right direction.  

I see the months of August through October prepping us and moving us towards our safe zone.  This is our period of action before our period of rest, our hibernation.  In 7 years we tend to run on “auto-pilot” as life happens around us, but we are merely spectators.

The final card for the month is the King of Cups, so he will be helping us transition into our September (9/6).  This is a fatherly figure or a mentor.  It can be a literal father, or someone with a comforting, patient and protective presence in your life (or it can me that will be the role you play for someone else).  When I see the King of Cups I know that I need to respond to situations in the way that a strong and self-aware person would: with confidence and optimism.  I always feel comforted by this card’s presence.  I feel that it reminds me that there is a time to be emotional, and there is a time to be rational, and sometimes all we can do is accept what is and move forward.  


In Summary:

This month brings the bounty of our efforts and the opportunity for change.  Be prepared to be inspired and to get to work!  There is much to do before the winter arrives, and this one will be a long one… Seek comfort and counsel from someone you trust during this transitional period.  Consider preparing to go back to school, get your finances in order, read books, enjoy a bit of recognition for a job well done (and pay it forward).  

August 2012 Numerology



This August is an 8/4, where we reap what we have sown.  I know that July provided some major financial stressors for everyone, but this month things should clear up and that long awaited check will finally show up in the mail.  Mercury turns direct August 7th, which will kick things into high gear making forward motion possible again.  Hopefully you were able to use the retrograde period last month to gather information in order to make informed decisions this month.

August will provide more stability for you, both emotionally and physically.  You may be dealing with someone who is entirely too stubborn or you may be finding yourself holding onto the past, refusing to move forward, at least for the beginning of the month.  Take time to focus on what you do have instead of what is no longer yours.  Quit crying over spilled milk when you still have the rest of the gallon.  Simply clean it up, pour yourself another cup and move on with your life.

Change can be difficult to accept, even when the changes offer better opportunities.  Sometimes we get so used to our routines; the people, places, and things we come across on a daily basis, but they are not serving our higher interests.  We get stuck in cyclical thinking of, “better the Devil I know than the Devil I don’t” but this is an opportunity in which a door is closed and a window opened.

This month you may find yourself having to divide something up, resources, assets, time, or otherwise, and it may seem unfair at the time but all parties will be awarded just what they need and it is more than fair.  Try to see it from an outside perspective.  Take yourself out of the situation and look from afar, you have everything that you really need and so do they.  All of us have different needs and desires and sometimes when it looks unequal you have to realize that you may have more to give or are capable of taking on more responsibility than the others involved.  At the end of the day, we all reap what we have sown.

With the 8 of the month coupled with the 4, we can all expect to be faced with our karma for the year.  If you have been putting forth great effort, you will be delighted with your rewards.  If you have been slacking, avoiding, or actively fighting the changes at hand, you may pay dearly.

This whole year has been about transformation, going with the flow, and accepting that there may be more than one way to achieve your greatest ambitions.  Let go.  Just let go of what you thought you knew, what you had previously planned, and let the new path unfold before you.  Sometimes what we want isn’t what we need, and sometimes we have that blow to our Ego which reminds us how little control we really have over our lives.  All we can do is change how we view it.

Here is a little story I love (I first read it in Way of the Peaceful Warrior):

Good luck, bad luck
A father and his son owned a farm. They did not have many animals, but they did
own a horse. One day the horse ran away.
“How terrible, what bad luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
Several weeks later the horse returned, bringing with him four wild mares.
“What marvellous luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
The son began to learn to ride the wild horses, but one day he was thrown and broke
his leg.
“What bad luck,” said the neighbours.
“Good luck, bad luck, who knows?” replied the farmer.
The next week the army came to the village to take all the young men to war. The
farmer’s son was still disabled with his broken leg, so he was spared. “Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”.

“Time will say nothing but, ‘I told you so.’.”

November 2011 Numerology

XII The Hanged Man

VII The Chariot

Five of Cups

November is always a potent month being that it is the only month which is automatically a Master Number, the 11.  It also coincides with deep Sun in Scorpio and the “dark time of the year”.  During 2011 it is also a Universal 6, so this month is an 11/6.  November is a very spiritual time which begs us to dig deep and see what really exists within ourselves, our lives, and our relationships.  Scorpio is about secrets, sex, deep-rooted emotions, and death.  It is associated with the Scorpion which has not only defensive claws out front but a killer stinger you won’t even see coming!   Being in November with the 11 influence, it is a time when honest communication and the big reveal of secrets hidden come to the forefront.  Also, here in the US we celebrate Thanksgiving and so it is a time when we look beyond the personal struggles we may face and reach for humanity and thankfulness for the “what is” in our lives.  It begins the season in which we step outside of ourselves and reach out to one another with a helping, loving hand and offer our kindness, compassion and cooperation.

You may be experiencing overwhelming awareness of your own mortality and find yourself seeking your place in the world.  Indulge these thoughts for a time, but try not to get too caught up in them.  It is, however, useful to make changes for the better: live life fully, laugh a little louder, gaze a little longer, and take more chances!

This November is even more about community, service and relationships than usual because of the added influence of the 6.  There is HUGE focus on our relationships (work, family, personal, romantic, etc.), home and family and honest communication.  Of course, Mercury is turning Retrograde this month (on the 24th) which can put a bit of a damper on things.  People are highly sensitive this month, so be aware.  Ideally we should getting holiday shopping done early as to avoid the mishaps of Mercury Retrograde, but at the very least if you are doing any ordering online or making large purchases, be sure to do your research and get your order in early (lest it be delayed).  Fortunately, this trend ends on the 13th of December, which leaves a chance for those last minute shoppers to be in the clear.

The cards for this month suggest that we are all in a place of throwing our hands up and letting things happen on their own.  It is time to accept that some things ARE out of our control and all you can do is go along for the ride.  This month there are many opportunities arising, or simply a great deal of movement, and you have to think on the fly and roll with the punches.  Do the best you can to make informed decisions, sometimes there is time and sometimes you just have to wing it and accept the potential consequences later.  The Hanged Man reminds us to be patient and to let things happen on their own, while the Chariot warns us that we may be careening out of control while life comes flying at us.  The Five of Cups sees us mourning our losses as the life we once knew begins to transform before our eyes, but it begs us to see what we still have left.  This is where we need to focus on being thankful and appreciative of what we have and of what may be right around the bend for us that we are yet to see.  Everything happens for a reason and it seems to me that all of this personal struggle will see us through to a much better future than we thought possible.  Do your best not to dwell on loss and change, and when possible seek what is familiar in your life and brings you comfort.


If I had to summarize November I would say that we are seeking our place in the world and discovering who we are and what we bring to the table.  It requires much contemplation and trial and error.  We must accept the present moment, even as it is changing.  Keep moving forward and let the past be the past while trying to keep an open mind for the new and unexpected.  Life doesn’t always look the way we had hoped it would, but for better or worse, it is ours for the making.  Yes, making.  We have made choices that brought us where we are and we need to step up to the plate and take our best shot with what we have been given.  It is time to cut our losses and accept our status quo, mourn and move on.  Even when the changes are positive it can be difficult to accept, so even then there is a sense of mourning and letting go.  Allow yourself time to process whatever it is that you are feeling.

©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law for the above art from Shadowscapes Tarot

October 2011 Numerology

King of Pentacles

Page of Swords

II The High Priestess

September was an explosive month for most of us, and while October will prove to be life-altering as well it hopefully will offer a little more insight and stability for us all.  The month of October always has the influence of 1, or 10 depending on whom you ask, so it is the full circle which completes the cycle for the year.  We start off at one, end at 9 and begin anew for a few months while we prepare to transition into the new year.  Being a Universal 4 Year we also have the influence of the 5 at this time, along with the Sun being in Libra and a New Moon in Libra as well.

What does all of this mean?  It means that while we are in a sign that regulates relationships and communication skills we are also working on our individuality, the need for freedom and adventure, and our basic needs to feel secure enough to explore the vast world around us.  We have been grounded in the need for handling our responsibilities and taking things one day at a time in the hum-drum of day-to-day needs this year and now we are looking to break free and have a little fun!  The King of Pentacles asks us to be decisive, practical and responsible but if we ignore his advice we may find ourselves isolating those we care about most by being selfish and reckless instead.  It is one thing to have fun, it is another to bulldoze over those we care most about in the pursuit of our own happiness.  This can be a wonderful time in relationships if we can “live and let live” through giving our spouse/partner the space they need to explore their own desires while we also discover our own needs.  This helps our relationships grow if we are able to become two whole people who come together in a relationship rather than expecting to be two halves of the same whole.

This is the perfect time to rekindle that zest you felt when you were first dating by reigniting the spark and confident care-free nature of our being and use that excitement to re-attract our desire.  Of course, if we are unable or unwilling to flow with the changes in progress and would rather sulk in the past it is likely that you and your partner will split.  Allow the changes to happen, and better yet, be the driving force!  Light your own fire, figure out what will ultimately make you happy and get out there and make it happen!   Of course, be sure to keep your partner in the loop.

This is also a favorable time to go and do something exciting and adventurous, do some traveling or have a romantic stay-cation.  Talk about your dreams, ask questions, and remain supportive of your loved ones.  This can be a majorly positive time in your relationship but if you aren’t liking what you are seeing or are finding yourself left behind or being held back, again, it may be time to walk away.  This is a wonderful growing opportunity for all who are involved, time to dive in head first!  Uranus in Aries is creating a major shift in each one of us while we step into more of who we are.  We may have been ignoring issues or burying our heads just waiting for things to right themselves, well here is our opportunity to make improvements in ourselves and our relationships.

The High Priestess begs us to spend time in meditation and listening to our dreams and intuitions rather that logic or potentially even our emotions.  This may come off as if you are feeling around in the dark, and that is pretty much the gist of it.  Follow your instinct and listen to that inner voice to discover your direction.  Spend some time alone in contemplation, listen to music that makes your heart sing, and do something outside in that beautiful Autumn sun!

For those who are single, worry not, this will still be a pivotal month, but hopefully it won’t feel as dramatic as last month.  This can be a wonderful and exciting time to meet people, step out of your comfort zone and do something exciting!  Take chances and do something you wouldn’t normally consider, you may just surprise yourself.  You may meet someone wonderful this month, and while it has long-term potential, it may fizzle quickly once the excitement wears off.  However, personally I believe that it would be worth it to pursue regardless.  Take chances!

Overall this can prove to be an exciting and revealing month for you and your loved ones.  Try to direct some of the changes and step up to the plate lest you get swept aside or drug along in the undertow.  If we are trying to hold on to what was instead of moving into what is becoming we may just get left behind.  You are being called to have fun, be youthful and enjoy life.  Keep your 9 to 5, but make sure to take time to play with and without your loved ones.  Make sure to respect others’ boundaries, keep up with the day-to-day, but overall take a more relaxed attitude–life can be both fun AND grounded, don’t get swept away following every which whim or opportunity that presents itself and don’t get too caught up in work.  This is the time to create a fine balance between your independence and dependence, work and play, excitement and the usual, sucking it up or letting loose.  If you keep the lines of communication open you can make it through this time and ultimately be much happier for it.


©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law for the above art from Shadowscapes Tarot